Thursday, October 28, 2010

Casey and Preston Smith

Casey Cagle decided to raise taxes this past 2010 legislative session.  Cagle/s backed the Hospital Bed Tax, also dubbed the “sick tax,” but his fellow Republicans did not want to fall in line and stood up against Cagle’s demands.  Preston Smith was one of those Republicans who didn’t vote the way Cagle wanted, Mitch Seabaugh and Jeff Chapman are the other two.  Cagle forced the resignation of Preston Smith as the chair of the Judiciary committee and Mitch Seabaugh as Senate Whip.  

This heavy handed approach where Cagle is blackmailing legislators with committee positions or threatening to take them away is undemocratic and shameful behavior from any elected official.  Cagle does not respect legislators who went to the Capitol to represent their districts and constituents, not Cagle’s personal agenda (whose decisions may be influenced by those who know his Capitol indiscretions).

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